Weed Control & Lawn Treatment

Tree, Shrub and Palm Care

Your ornamental trees, shrubs, and palm trees represent a substantial value to your home.  Under the watchful eye of your Service Choice Lawn and Pest Control technician, we will help protect the health and vitality of your landscaping, enhancing the appearance of your ornamental trees, shrubs, and palms, and protecting your investment.  Our outdoor garden pest control and tree & shrub care service program is designed with an understanding of South Florida’s sub tropical climate and unique growing conditions.

We use only the highest quality liquid fertilizers and granular slow release fertilizers packed with just the right amount of micro-nutrients necessary for healthy trees, plants, and palm trees.  Our technicians are specially trained in pest control inspection, disease analysis, plant fertilization, insect control, and tree spraying.  The Service Choice horticultural services program includes regularly scheduled treatments for destructive insects on your trees, shrubs, and palm trees, including scale, white fly, mealy bugs, chinch bugs, grub worms, caterpillars, spiders, mites,  ficus white fly, and fungus.

We understand the importance of our responsibility for being good stewards of the environment while applying pest control, weed control, and lawn fertilizer products.  We are proud to have been awarded the 2010 Broward County Emerald Award Certificate for Pollution Prevention, Green Practices, and Innovation.

Our ornamental tree, shrub and palm care program is designed to protect the most substantial investment of your landscape. Our technicians will inspect all your trees, shrubs, and palms with each visit in order to determine the necessary fertilizers, insect control and disease protection.

Service Includes:

  • 6 scheduled visits per year (every other month).
  • High quality liquid and granular fertilizers.
  • Inspection and treatment as needed for controllable diseases.
  • No additional charge for service call-backs.
  • Technician notes are included with each invoice.
Licensed - State Certified - Insured - Highly Trained Technicians